About Anita

Hello! Welcome to AnitaChauhan.ca – the home of In Good Company and all things Anita.

Anita Chauhan is a 20-something living in Toronto. Her primary interests revolve around advocacy, technology and government. An avid wine-lover and foodie, Anita finds inspiration through big think and policy books that help her find some expansion.

A major tenant of Anita's work involves community building and growing - with a focus on offering people the tools they need to succeed, politically and technologically. Through her work with CitizenBridge (of which she is a key component), and the off-shoot GOVYYZ2.0 meetup group, Anita has worked to increase education and reduce the space between citizen and their elected official. Currently working with the lobby group, Restaurants Canada, Anita works to educate and inspire business owners of the foodservice and restaurant industry to move forth and be more politically engaged and technologically savvy. Advocacy abounds!

img_9372Among other things, Anita enjoys traveling the world. Recently, she spent some time in Indonesia, living and working with the digital nomad group, Unsettled.