The beginning

Earlier this year I read an astrology prediction for my sign. “Leo, more about ” it said sagely, dosage “look out for changes in your living arrangements and prepare for an expansion of your world. This could be from changing how you live, cost to traveling.” I scoffed. I had just returned from Paris – broke – and since being in a committed relationship, travelling had become harder and harder to do while solo. I was looking forward to sticking around a bit and maybe enjoying all that Toronto had to offer. For my boyfriend’s 30th birthday (his champagne 30th, may I add) in May, we decided to take a whirlwind, adventure trip: backpacking through Peru for 2 weeks. This was the closest I was coming to understanding that prophecy that my astrological prediction had set out for me. Despite having this on the burner, I felt myself yearning for…

Early Morning in Bed

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