About Anita

Hi, I’m Anita.

I’m a marketing exec and content writer for growing companies. I’ve worked at several startups across various industries including fintech (proptech and mortgage tech), DEI, AI and Machine Learning, and more. I’ve worked in both B2B and B2C capacities over the last 10+ years, executing countless content marketing, PR and product launches, GTM and inclusive marketing campaigns for growing companies.

My experience includes time spent as the current Director of Marketing at mortgage fintech Fraction, Director of Marketing for Crescendo, a DEI startup, focused on creating a more diverse and equitable workplace and the Head of Marketing at Eirene, a cremation startup based in Toronto. 

In my spare time, I am an advocate of inclusive marketing and I enjoy delivering high-energy keynotes that challenge audiences and companies to consider the human impact of their marketing campaigns, their focus on inclusion and asking them to pay closer attention to how they are representing their consumer audiences. 

Beyond writing, I enjoy travel (who doesn’t?), reading, learning new languages and playing Civilization VI. In my spare time, I moonlight as an astrologer and already knew that you would probably go back and make sure that you read ‘astrologer’ correctly. 

Visit my astrology page here, or connect with me via email, Twitter or Linkedin.